• Fantasyland Aerial View – 1982

    A view of the east-end of Fantasyland before park opening from the top of the Matterhorn. On the left you can see the construction fence for the “New Fantasyland” construction. This photo was taken sometime before September 1982, because Alice in Wonderland’s remodel hadn’t started and Captain Hook’s Galley is still open. What I find of great interest […]

  • Disneyland
    The Matterhorn Star

    A photo from a helicopter of “Santa” and one of his helpers flagging the crane to position the holiday star into it’s foundation. I have actually seen the star’s foundation on top next to the access hatch. It’s big! The Star was pretty cool except I think it was a bit too big. It kinda overwhelmed the […]

  • Attractions
    The Buckets

    By Mark Hickson: The Buckets were so cool. Where else could you be swept away into the sky and travel from a fantasy to tomorrow? The Buckets, as we always called them, were perfect for two friends to share. There was always a high level of excitement after you were loaded and dispatched. Your Bucket would climb […]

  • DbM Scuttlebutt

    Stan Lee has reached a deal in principle to resolve litigation that challenged his control over POW! Entertainment, home to Lee’s creations since 2001, which currently has a first-look deal with Disney. The settlement puts an end to a multimillion-dollar dispute with former shareholders that helped POW! become a public company. Last Saturday night, the sign […]

  • New Attractions Preview 1959

    You might have seen a photograph of this preview sign before but this one is kinda special. Behind it you can see “Holiday Hill” with the Skyway tower on top. That tower was probably the least photographed thing in the early days of Disneyland. So what new attractions can we look forward to in June 1959? […]

  • View from the Hub 1959

    This shot taken from the top of the Matterhorn had to be around it’s opening in June 1959. A crane can be seen just inside the picture by the House of the Future. Was it being used in the mountain’s construction? I also noticed a large group of people at the Plaza Gardens but hardly anyone […]

  • DbM Exclusive: Brer Rabbit Discovered on the Matterhorn!

    So a couple of weeks ago I am walking into the DL Resort from Harbor Boulevard and while looking to my right I spied this remarkable vision! It’s Brer Rabbit in all his glory, head tilted back, ears down and nose high in the air! How come I have never seen this majestic portrait after […]