• Disneyland
    Disneyland Closing Attractions to Build Star Wars Land

    The biggest expansion of Disneyland since 1959 will begin January 10, 2016 to begin the construction of Star Wars Land. On that date Big Thunder Ranch in Frontierland and its Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue, Big Thunder Ranch Petting Zoo and Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree will close permanently. And on the same day, the following attractions will […]

  • Disneyland Aerial View 1955

    What a great aerial of Disneyland from 1955! If you look closely in lower center you can see the bridge from Frontierland to the Railroad station where the six car train has just left. Right above it is the Riverbelle Terrace restaurant with the Mark Twain riverboat above it. Look to the left and you […]

  • Exclusive: Mark Twain Circuit Map

    DbM Exclusive: This is a section from a larger original blueprint set for the construction of the Mark Twain Steamboat. Here we find the river boat ride guide rail’s position throughout the entire Rivers of America course. You can see the stationing, the distance between the railing piles, and the locations for the expansion joints.  This sheet would have […]

  • 1958 Newspaper Ad

    On June 17, 1958 the local newspapers ran this Disneyland ad. “WEIGH ANCHOR, COLUMBIA” With that cry you begin an exhilarating adventure aboard this three-masted fully rigged 1790 sailing ship as you cruise Frontierland’s Rivers of America. Your cannons “BOOM!” at Fort Wilderness and at hostile Indian Villages along the rugged shore. Stand before the […]

  • Mark Twain’s Dock House

    Just look at this postcard from 1955. It seems so sparse compared to today, and look at all the people queueing up to get on-board. The Mark Twain used to be one of the big attractions in the park but not anymore. If you noticed the Dock House hasn’t changed since opening day. Tweet