• Disneyland
    Retro Disneyland

    The Art Corner in Tomorrowland – 1956 Rocket Jets in Tomorrowland – 1959 A crowded day in Fantasyland, taken from the deck of the Pirate Ship- 1956 The Tom Sawyer Island Raft is crossing the Rivers of America to it’s dock in front of the Chicken Plantation Restaurant. -1956 Skull Rock in Pirates’ Cove next […]

  • Disneyland Staff Shop 1958

    In 1954 and ’55 WED and the studio did most of the prototyping of the attraction figures and props. After the park opened the Disneyland shops took over a bit of the load. Here is a shot from 1958 showing fiberglass copies of the Carrousel horses being finished and two giant tea pots for the new […]

  • Walt in the Park

    This is a wonderfull photo of Walt Disney talking to some kids in Fantasyland. This very candid shot shows a variety of expressions on their faces… from recognition to delight. The crowd still hasn’t figured out that he is among them, all except the one lady behind the star-struck girls. He seems so at ease with the young boy. I […]

  • Incredible Aerial of Disneyland 1962

    Its a smoggy summer day on the OC but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this photo is fantastic! I could look at it for hours. Smack in the middle is Rainbow Caverns show building. You can see all the falls on Cascade peak. Guests are riding the Mule Train. You can see […]

  • Cute Kid!

    These pictures show what a treasure King Arthur’s Carrousel is. There is nothing more touching than your kids (or grand-kids) first ride. Or second! Now that’s what the Magic Kingdom is all about! Tweet