• Disneyland
    Penny in the Park

    This story by Mark Hickson was originally published on DbM October 11, 2011. These photos by Robert J. Weaver (1917-1994) were taken August 27, 1956 during a family trip to Disneyland. I found in them, a wonderful little girl named Penny. These pictures capture her very special day in the park. Ticket book in hand, […]

  • Disney Stories
    This Well’s Little Secret

    Ever see this at Disneyland Splash Mountain’s queue area? It’s Brer Rabbit’s Well. Sure looks mighty fine with all that greenery and a statue of Brer Rabbit with his knapsack there. Well (no pun intended) this was not the way it was conceived. If you’re familiar with the story you know that he gets stuck in […]

  • Photo of the Week

    Departing from Downtown Disney station, inside the rear bubble of Monorail Orange. This great shot makes me want to say, “Light speed to Endor.” Photo courtesy of: Gregg L. Cooper Tweet

  • Photo of the Week

    This outstanding photo called “An Evening at the Hub” by Michaela Hansen is both soft and rich at the same time. P.S. Happy second anniversary of Tours Departing Daily. You guys are great! Tweet

  • Photo of the Week

    This weeks Photo of the Week is “Mission Space Sunset” by Todd Hurley. This great shot makes me feel like I’m on a different planet! Tweet

  • Photo of the Week

    Kevin Crone at Tours Departing Daily  took this wonderful shot that he calls “A Rainy Day at the Main Street Station.” I so love to be in the park when it rains. Everything becomes so serene, so peaceful. This is not a wild Florida rain with towering clouds, this is an Anaheim rain, cool, grey, and very welcomed. […]

  • Photo of the Week: Blue Bayou

    One of my all time favorite places to be is on the Blue Bayou. It reminds me so much of where I used to live in Mississippi.  The sounds of the crickets and frogs backed-up by a slow playing banjo teleports me back. Even for just a few minutes. Photo courtesy of Alan Rappa Tweet

  • Photo of the Week

    It sure feels like spring in this great shot by Michaela Hansen at Tours Departing Daily of Walt and Mickey at Disneyland’s Hub. Sometimes when I look at this statue it feels like Walt is directing use to keep moving forward into the future. Other times it looks like he is proudly saying to Mickey, “Look what I […]

  • Photo of the Week

    Here we have a wonderful holiday shot looking out from the entrance of Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante by Lisa Hickson. Tweet

  • Photo of the Week: It’s a “D” Ticket!

    Did you know that the new pool areas at the Disneyland Hotel Resort just opened? Michael Greening took this fine HDR shot of the new “D” Ticket pool (yes their is an “E” Ticket pool too). One of the big Monorail waterslides dumps guests in the far side of this pool. I can’t wait to try it out! […]

  • Photo of the Week: Sleepyhead

    When I saw this great shot by Tonyboytran it brought back some fond memories. It always seems that when I visit Disneyland the last ride of the day ends up being Mister Toad’s Wild Ride. Late in the evening is the best time to hit Fantasyland because most of the small kids are gone and […]