• Disneyland
    Retro Disneyland

    1956 – Boy Scouts reading a Broadside posted on Frontierland’s stockade gate. 1961 – A bad day in the parking lot. 1957 – Frontierland’s Rainbow Caverns Mine Train. 1961 – The Flying Saucers in Tomorrowland. Note the “Old” Admin Building behind the geometric fence. 1959 – A Wigwam at Frontierland’s Indian Village. Tweet

  • The Flying Saucers

    This was the ride you RAN TO! As soon as the rope dropped on Main Street every boy worth his salt made a bee-line to the Flying Saucers. This ride opened in 1961 but closed just five years later when Tomorrowland expanded to add the Tomorrowland Stage (like I needed that). I only had two beefs about […]

  • Flying Saucer Spacegirl

    Here is Spacegirl enjoying a ride on a Tomorrowland Flying Saucer. I loved this ride but it never lasted long enough. I remember the boom swinging across the blue floor to capture us all. You can see above the fence the windows of the old Cast Member locker rooms behind the Grand Canyon Diorama. Tweet