• The Walt Disney Studios
    Happy 80th Birthday Donald Duck!

    6-9-14: Donald Duck was born in Walt Disney’s cartoon The Wise Little Hen, 80 years ago today! Here are 10 surprising facts about Walt Disney’s character you may not know: DONALD DUCK was created by Walt Disney when he heard Clarence Nash doing his “duck” voice while reciting Mary Had a Little Lamb. Disney wanted […]

  • Consumer Products
    lucky ducka
    Lucky 13 Posters

    To celebrate 2013, thirteen different artists from the Disney Design Group designed posters with a “Lucky 13” theme. These posters will became a part of an over-sized 13-month calendar. Each artist created two slightly different versions of their posters for Disneyland park and Walt Disney World Resort. Here are three featuring Mickey, Minnie, and Donald. […]

  • Eric Robison at Crazy Shirts

      Eric is one great talent. He was at WDI the same time I was there and although we never worked on the same projects, share a camaraderie that only former Imagineers can have. He is now the creative director at Crazy Shirts, a Hawai’i based apparel company. A few months ago they were awarded […]

  • Mickey Mouse’s First Feature Length Film Being Developed?

    During a recent interview with BleedingCool.com, Burny Mattinson, a veteran of the 1960′s Pooh pictures revealed, “I am working on just an idea of my own which is basically a Mickey, Donald, Goofy feature film idea. We have to present it first to the bosses to get the green light.”  Burny is the supervising story artist on the […]