• ESPN Wide World of Sports
    Exclusive Photos: 2014 College Cheerleading National Championships at WDW

    Friday warm-ups at the All Star Sports Resort. University of Minnesota University of Minnesota University of Alabama University of Alabama Stony Brook University Saturday event photos: Morehead State University Morehead State University Western Kentucky University Western Kentucky University University of Colorado University of Colorado University of Colorado University of Colorado Tweet

  • All Star Resorts
    Disney’s All Star Resorts

    Kinda look alike, right? If you were standing out in front of any of these three nearly identical value hotels you would be hard pressed to tell them apart. Only after you get inside does the theme become apparent. You got Music, Movies, and Sports to choose from. They are functional and clean with some […]

  • California Adventure
    Reflections on the last 24 hours

    So lets see, I was at Disney’s California Adventure last night at 9:00pm. I arrived today at WDW at 5pm, so that is 17 hours between Disney’s California and Florida properties. Kinda cool! I tried on the new Oswald ear hat at DCA… It said it was an adult size but it was too small for me. […]

  • WDW Resort Spring Prices

    Looks like you can get a deal on a room with the new room rate only promotion. If you book by January 22 you can get from 20, 25, to 30% off for stays between February 21 to March 31, 2012. If you book by February 28, 2012 you can get similar discounts for most […]