• Dining Reviews
    Dining Review: Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar

    Review by Mark Hickson: OK, Trader Sam’s at the Disneyland Hotel is suppose to be a “tropical” venue. So let’s see how they do with the classic Hawaiian Aloha Burger. Many places think they know how to serve a “Hawaiian style” burger, without ever going there. So let me set you straight, I lived in […]

  • Disney Stories
    Disneyland Hotel Waterfalls

    Story by Mark Hickson: Way before I worked for Disney my family and I had a special treat. After dinner we would drive from our home in Los Alamitos and do the “$6.75 tour of Disneyland.” It involved driving to the Disneyland Hotel and visiting the wonderful waterfalls in front of the Bonita Tower, taking in […]

  • Attractions
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Model

    By Mark Hickson: In the lobby of the Disneyland Hotel’s Frontier Tower (formerly the Wonder Tower and originally called the Bonita Tower) you will find the original Big Thunder Mountain Railroad model in a large plexiglass case. The original model was made by WDI as a reference tool during the design and construction of the attraction. […]

  • Dining Reviews
    Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar

    Been to Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel yet? If you have, I’ll say “Aloha.” If you haven’t, I’ll say, “Ya betta go!” This place is fun! Fun drinks, fun food and fun people. The theme is defiantly “Overboard Tiki.” In many ways it reminds me (for good reason) of Disney World’s […]

  • DbM Scuttlebutt

    Avatar construction is set to begin next year and open in 2015. Design details are secret, but James Cameron, has said part of the project will include a ride that simulates flight. Visitors to Disneyland Paris are not getting the chance to see their favourite Disney characters because of on-going strike action over a sexual harassment […]

  • The Steakhouse 55 Saga

    Last November I took a trip to Orange County to have Thanksgiving with the in-laws and (more importantly) spend three days at Disneyland Resort. Hawaiian Airlines has two flights into LA. One arrives at 4:45pm and the other 10:25pm. Since my intent is to start my Disneyland visit as soon as possible I opted for […]

  • Photo of the Week: It’s a “D” Ticket!

    Did you know that the new pool areas at the Disneyland Hotel Resort just opened? Michael Greening took this fine HDR shot of the new “D” Ticket pool (yes their is an “E” Ticket pool too). One of the big Monorail waterslides dumps guests in the far side of this pool. I can’t wait to try it out! […]

  • Old Ticket Sign

    This sign was originally posted next to the Monorail ticket window at the Disneyland Hotel. The prices are from around 1964 (I’m checking on this).  Note the Monorail ticket price of 60 cents, 50 for kids. It was taken down when the prices changed in 1968 and was found in a break room in Tomorrowland. Tweet

  • Mermaid Tryouts

    During the summers of 1965–1967, female cast members dressed in mermaid costumes could be seen sun-bathing themselves and performing synchronized swimming and underwater stunts for four hours each day. Disneyland ended this live mermaid feature in 1967 after several ladies reported health concerns related to the submarines’ diesel exhaust fumes and the highly chlorinated water. […]