• Disneyland
    Where Are These?

    OK, let’s test your Disney Parks & Resorts knowledge. Where are these two bear and elk tiles?? Here is a hint… they are 4 feet apart! Scroll down for the answer…         Answer: They are in the men’s room below the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country at Disneyland! photos: © DisneybyMark.com […]

  • Disney Stories
    This Well’s Little Secret

    Ever see this at Disneyland Splash Mountain’s queue area? It’s Brer Rabbit’s Well. Sure looks mighty fine with all that greenery and a statue of Brer Rabbit with his knapsack there. Well (no pun intended) this was not the way it was conceived. If you’re familiar with the story you know that he gets stuck in […]

  • Disneyland
    History: The Harbor Galley

    There is a little story behind the Harbor Galley in Critter Country that few people know. During the early design & construction of Splash Mountain it was not part of the project. At that time the “Mile Long Bar” fast food place was to be re-themed and re-opened with Splash as the “Brer Bar.” It […]

  • Attractions
    The Columbia in Fowlers Harbor

    Ain’t she a beauty! Now here is a question for ya… Fowlers Harbor was originally part of Frontierland and is now on the borderline between Critter Country and New Orleans Square. So I ask you this, what “Land” should Fowlers Harbor be in? Tweet

  • Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain

    It’s July 1989, and we were getting ready to open Splash Mountain at Disneyland. All the press events promoting the opening were displacing our construction trailers with tents full of caterers, production trailers, and rows of port-a-potties. On the down side was the realization that we were done getting Splash open and we were now […]

  • Final Countdown to Splashdown

    Here we have the “Splash Mountain Sneak Preview Edition” of the Disneyland News that papered the park in May 1989. Of note, the opening date is never disclosed in this publication because… we just didn’t know what date it would be ready. After fixing all the last minute hick-ups and burps it finally opened July 17, 1989. That […]

  • TDL Splash Mountain Promo

    OMG It’s Splash Mountain and it’s going to be a scream! Leave it to our Japanese partners to render the highest and longest drop of any Splash Mountain. This special edition was issued to the public in September 1992 in preparation for the grand opening October 1st. It also has a giant double fold out picture that […]

  • TDL Country Bear Vacation Jamboree

    This is the WDI team patch for being part of the show change-out from the original show to the Vacation Jamboree in 1994. This is a rare patch that was only given to Imagineers. The hardest part of this project was making the American jokes work in Japanese! Tweet