• Disney Springs
    WDW Hotel Ops VP Kevin Myers to Retire, 2 Promoted

    According to a story in the Orlando Sentinel, Kevin Myers, the vice president in charge of hotel operations, will retire in December. A busboy in Adventureland when the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, has been directly involved in the opening of more than 10 hotels at Disney World and serves on the resort’s executive steering […]

  • Walt Disney World
    Disney Tops World’s 10 Most Visited Water Parks

    The 2012 Theme Index by the Themed Entertainment Association has revealed the world’s most visited water parks in 2012. Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon was the most visited water park last year, with attendance of  more than 2.1 million people. Disney’s Blizzard Beach came in third with over 1.9 Million guests. This is more than 4.3 […]

  • Lottawatta Lodge at Blizzard Beach

    October the 3rd was a very hot day, in fact the heat and humidity was oppressive all week. So what do you do to get way from it at WDW? Spend the day at the Water Parks!  I decided to split my day in half and go to Typhoon Lagoon in the morning and Blizzard […]

  • DbM Scuttlebutt – Blizzard Beach Closed due to Cold Weather

    Blizzard Beach has been closed six times in the last few weeks due to cold weather. Go Figure! Word is the French Pavilion restaurant Bistro de Paris will to be renamed Monsieur Paul when it reopens next week. After a nationwide hunt in the UK involving over 780 families, the Frith family from Northampton was chosen as the world’s […]

  • Walt Disney World
    Reflections on the last 24 hours – Part 3

    Yesterday I went to two water parks in one day, Typhoon in the morning and Blizzard in the afternoon. Very cool! Today, I showed up early for my Italian lunchon. Forced to chill in the hot Florida heat for 1.5 hours… not easy. Italian Luncheon… the best F&WF event I have ever been at… More later… […]

  • Swampy To Do Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach?

    Looks like Blizzard Beach’s mascot, Ice Gator, will have a new friend. Rumor has it that Swampy, the sewer-dwelling star of the smart-phone and iPad adventure “Where’s my Water” will be making meet and greet appearances soon at Disney’s two water parks. I’m wondering if kids might get confused when Ice Gator and Swampy are in the […]

  • DbM Scuttlebutt – FastPass and a Wait Time of 400 Minutes

    Do you think you know long lines? How about a wait time of Four Hundred Minutes! Thats right, Tokyo Disney Sea’s brand new Toy Story Mania rides marquee “wait time calculator” had 400 minutes on it just a few days ago. And you thought Cars Land opening was bad! Kevin Costner is in talks to star in […]

  • DbM Scuttlebutt

    Johnny Depp’s movie ‘Lone Ranger’ reportedly reaches $250 million price tag. “It’s out of control,” said an unnamed insider to The Hollywood Reporter. On Thursday, June 14th, the “World’s Largest Swimming Lesson” will take place at the wave pool in Blizzard Beach. For those wanting to participate, registration begins at 9 am, and the event […]

  • What’s going on at WDW??

    There are too many people and it’s too cold! Get this… December 28th – They announce a “Phase 2” Alert for the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios! December 31st – They announced a “Phase 3” Alert Today they closed “Blizzard Beach” because of cold weather? (more on this later) And on top of that […]