• Disneyland Paris
    Disneyland Paris Autopia Attraction Goes Hybrid

    In 2010 Disneyland Paris started a wide conversion campaign of their Autopia attraction. To date, 58 vehicles out of the 85 that make up the Autopia fleet are now equipped with a hybrid system, which means the batteries are accompanied by a very small combustion engine. At a pace of 4 new vehicles per month, […]

  • New Attractions Preview 1959

    You might have seen a photograph of this preview sign before but this one is kinda special. Behind it you can see “Holiday Hill” with the Skyway tower on top. That tower was probably the least photographed thing in the early days of Disneyland. So what new attractions can we look forward to in June 1959? […]

  • Old Autopia Pix

    Check out the matching shirts those guys are wearing! One is bounding out of the car while the other (holding a Yashica camera) is wondering where the hell the exit is. The original version of Tomorrowland’s Autopia lasted about a year before the track was moved away from the new Skyway building. We can see […]

  • Orange Trees and Phantom Boats

    Here is a wonderful shot of a very early Tomorrowland. You can see the short-lived Phantom Boats at dock and the first version of the Autopia. This photo was taken during a closed day and not early morning (the lack of shadows tell). Over the berm is the last remnants of the Orange groves that […]

  • Smog at Disneyland

    Sometimes it is easy to forget how different things were in the past. Back in the 50’s and 60’s smog was a real issue, especially during the summer. I remember my eyes burning during recess in elementary school. Some days it was so bad we were not even allowed to go out and play. In the photo […]