• Disney Stories
    This Well’s Little Secret

    Ever see this at Disneyland Splash Mountain’s queue area? It’s Brer Rabbit’s Well. Sure looks mighty fine with all that greenery and a statue of Brer Rabbit with his knapsack there. Well (no pun intended) this was not the way it was conceived. If you’re familiar with the story you know that he gets stuck in […]

  • Remember the Old Disneyland Signs?

    I sure miss them. When you were driving down Harbor Boulevard and saw these wonderful giant signs you knew that you had arrived! Look at those colors, look at that big “D” and all those flags… We are HERE! Since the parking lot was taken over by DCA all we have now is this puny marquee. […]

  • The Water Fountains of TDL

    I see my share of Disney themed blogs on a daily basis. Every once in a while I find one that I have to share. This website called Uranezu.com has the most unique collection of Tokyo Disneyland photos I have ever seen. For example they have a photo of EVERY Water Fountain in the park and at Tokyo Disney […]