• Fantasyland Aerial View – 1982

    A view of the east-end of Fantasyland before park opening from the top of the Matterhorn. On the left you can see the construction fence for the “New Fantasyland” construction. This photo was taken sometime before September 1982, because Alice in Wonderland’s remodel hadn’t started and Captain Hook’s Galley is still open. What I find of great interest […]

  • Disneyland Aerial View 1955

    What a great aerial of Disneyland from 1955! If you look closely in lower center you can see the bridge from Frontierland to the Railroad station where the six car train has just left. Right above it is the Riverbelle Terrace restaurant with the Mark Twain riverboat above it. Look to the left and you […]

  • Aerial View of Holidayland

    This is a rare aerial shot of the “Holidayland” area outside the park’s berm was taken in 1958. The giant circus tent was originally in Fantasyland at “Mickey Mouse Club Circus.” You can see a baseball field and a park with large lawns and trees left over from before the park was built. The parking lot in […]

  • Tomorrowland to Fantasyland Aerial View

    It’s the summer of 1957 and here is a scene from The Yacht Bar (formerly The Yacht Club) to the Pirate ship few have seen. In the middle is “Holiday Hill”, the spot the Matterhorn would eventually take. At the bottom right you can see three Phantom Boats all bunched-up waiting to go into the dock. […]

  • Disneyland
    A Great Aerial of Fantasyland – 1956

       What a great photo from 1956. The castle’s moat really looks looks a moat. You can see the first new addition to the castle on the far left. It’s Tinker Bell’s Toy Shops second entrance/exit. Behind it is the backstage area for the Snow White dark ride and the Mickey Mouse Club Theater. What […]

  • Incredible Aerial of Disneyland 1962

    Its a smoggy summer day on the OC but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this photo is fantastic! I could look at it for hours. Smack in the middle is Rainbow Caverns show building. You can see all the falls on Cascade peak. Guests are riding the Mule Train. You can see […]

  • Disneyland Aerial View 1987

    This is a great aerial view of Disneyland from 1987. Click on it to make it bigger. In this photo you can clearly see Splash Mountain’s construction site. You can also see the new Big Thunder Ranch area between Big Thunder and the Disneyland Railroad. There is an enormous queue line at Star Tours. The Red and Blue […]

  • Concept Art Aerial Views

    These are the first run post cards produced for the park. Many things have not been fully defined but a good Disney artist can make the unknown look really great! I don’t think the Mark Twain riverboat is going to stop at the dock. It’s going too fast! Above it looks like the two story Chicken Plantation […]

  • America Sings

    Here is a Matterhorn view of the America Sings building on a rainy day. It’s the winter of 1989  as you can see the 35th Disneyland anniversary logo on top of the retracted Tomorrowland Terrace stage. What a peaceful scene! But wait, where are the Rocket Jets? Look at the People Mover load-unload. The Rocket Jets are […]

  • Tomorrowland Aerial 1955

    It’s the beginning of Tomorrowland! Here you can see “Flag of the Nations” star where the Astro Jets would land in March 1956. In the center is “Hobbyland” which opened on September 4, 1955. There you could watch radio controlled boats race in the dark ring (filled with water) or watch tethered gas powered model airplanes […]

  • Aerial View of Disneyland 1964

    Great shot of the park from 1964. You can see one of the giant trusses holding up the Haunted Mansion building. This is before the show building construction started. You can also see the beginning foundation work for Pirates of the Caribbean. You can also see the Primeval World diorama has not yet been built […]