• Collectibles
    Imagineering Halloween Buttons

    By Mark Hickson: Every Halloween was an event at WDI. Everyone would dress up and then late in the afternoon we would have a big party. The highlight was always the costume contest. It was outrageous! Here are some very exclusive buttons from the 1989 to 1994 parties. Tweet

  • TDL Guests Take a Break

    This family of seven is taking a lunch break at Tokyo Disneyland. Notice how six of the seven are able to sit on a very, very small blanket. Their shoes are neatly placed next to each other, all pointing out (except for dad) and ready to be stepped into when lunch is over. I wonder what they […]

  • 1991 Employee Forum Passport

    Here is a cool give-away I received at the 1991 Disney Studios employee forum. It is a pretend passport book with a pin featuring Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto flying around the world. The annual employee forum is held to update everyone at the studio on all the things going on at the company.  This event was held at […]

  • I Stole Her From A Train

    When I was on the Tokyo Disneyland team I flew regularly from L.A. to Tokyo for face to face meetings with our Japanese partners, Oriental Land Company. Since I would only come for a week or two I would stay at a downtown hotel and commute via train. Tokyo has great rail service and many signs were […]