• Collectibles
    Imagineering Halloween Buttons

    By Mark Hickson: Every Halloween was an event at WDI. Everyone would dress up and then late in the afternoon we would have a big party. The highlight was always the costume contest. It was outrageous! Here are some very exclusive buttons from the 1989 to 1994 parties. Tweet

  • The Infamous Silver Pass

    What do you call the best perk an employee could ever have? A Silver Pass! With this little card you and up to three additional guests get free entry into Disneyland and Walt Disney World. And did I mention you got free parking too! As an Imagineer I got two cards, one for me, and one […]

  • TDL 7th Anniversary Sticker

      I guess the Japanese like the number seven cause here is a sticker for the 7th Anniversary event. It is made with a shiny gold foil so it is hard to scan to the right color (the gold turns out dark). I had one of these next to the TDL 5th Anniversary sticker on my […]