• Collectibles
    Rare 1989 Tokyo Disneyland English Guidebook

    This special English overview of TDL was large by guidebook standards at 11 3/4″ x 8 1/4″. It only gave a summary of the attractions, shows, shops and restaurants that would have been detailed in other guidebooks. It was published to be distributed at high-end hotel concierge services. When published there were 35 attractions and 29 restaurants […]

  • Collectibles
    Imagineering Halloween Buttons

    By Mark Hickson: Every Halloween was an event at WDI. Everyone would dress up and then late in the afternoon we would have a big party. The highlight was always the costume contest. It was outrageous! Here are some very exclusive buttons from the 1989 to 1994 parties. Tweet

  • Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain

    It’s July 1989, and we were getting ready to open Splash Mountain at Disneyland. All the press events promoting the opening were displacing our construction trailers with tents full of caterers, production trailers, and rows of port-a-potties. On the down side was the realization that we were done getting Splash open and we were now […]

  • 1989 TDL Area Map

    Here is a rare English Tokyo Disneyland park map available only at Tokyo area hotels that catered to international guests. This is the same map found in the equally rare 1989 TDL English guidebook only available in the park. Click it for the full size version! Tweet

  • Final Countdown to Splashdown

    Here we have the “Splash Mountain Sneak Preview Edition” of the Disneyland News that papered the park in May 1989. Of note, the opening date is never disclosed in this publication because… we just didn’t know what date it would be ready. After fixing all the last minute hick-ups and burps it finally opened July 17, 1989. That […]

  • America Sings

    Here is a Matterhorn view of the America Sings building on a rainy day. It’s the winter of 1989  as you can see the 35th Disneyland anniversary logo on top of the retracted Tomorrowland Terrace stage. What a peaceful scene! But wait, where are the Rocket Jets? Look at the People Mover load-unload. The Rocket Jets are […]

  • The Hub

    One of my favorite pictures of the hub. Shot from the Matterhorn you can see it had been raining. It is daytime but all the street lights are on. It’s very special to walk through the park on days like this. Tweet