• Disney “Synergy” 1967

    This fun chart shows how all the different groups within Walt Disney Productions interfaced with each other. If you didn’t know, “Synergy” means two or more things functioning together to produce a result not independently obtainable! Disney used this term “Synergy” to remind everyone that they had to share ideas and to work together, everyday. […]

  • Blue Bayou Kids Menu

    Here we have a Marc Davis illustrated Kids Menu from the Blue Bayou Restaurant’s opening year. I remember when I got it. We sat down and the waiter passed out menus to the adults and then gave me this card. After looking at it I realized that this was for a 12 year old, not […]

  • 1967 Guidebook Map

    So here it is, the 1st Disneyland map issued after Walt’s death. This is the last version of the park that he personaly knew. What I find striking is the simplicity of the color scheme. Parchment paper orange with green trees, blue water, and a purple castle. It is called “Fun Map of Disneyland” but doesn’t convey it. […]

  • Sponsors 1967

    As you can see from the 1967 guidebook Disney took sponsorship seriously. Click on it to get the full size graphic so you can read what they were each sponsoring. It looks like Pepsi and Coke couldn’t get an exclusivity agreement! Question: how many can you count that are still in business under their original name or […]