• Submarine Voyage 1966 SOP

    Back in 2006 this 1966 Submarine Voyage Standard Operating Procedure was posted on the website “Stuff from the Park” a.k.a. Matterhorn. With the original posters permission I have made an Adobe PDF file of the complete document and offer it to my web guests HERE (filesize 3.6mb). Dive… Dive… Dive…. Tweet

  • Submarine Voyage Map

    Here is the Submarine ride circuit map from the 1966 SOP Manual. Simple and straight to the point! Some fun facts:   Attraction Length of guide rail = 1,365 feet THRC (theoretical hourly capacity of the attraction) = 1,410 guests Amount of water in lagoon and caverns = 9,000,000 gallons Cost of building = $2.5 Million […]

  • Mermaid Tryouts

    During the summers of 1965–1967, female cast members dressed in mermaid costumes could be seen sun-bathing themselves and performing synchronized swimming and underwater stunts for four hours each day. Disneyland ended this live mermaid feature in 1967 after several ladies reported health concerns related to the submarines’ diesel exhaust fumes and the highly chlorinated water. […]