• Disneyland
    Retro Disneyland: Tahitian Terrace Menu

    Notice all the “Tropical” selections? Before they developed the Tahitian dinner show in 1962 the Tahitian Terrace shared the cafeteria kitchen menu with the Plaza Pavilion. This menu is from the 50’s.  I wonder if they accept the Disney Dining Plan? Tweet

  • Walt at the Grand Opening of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

    Walt Disney enjoys himself in the November 1962 Grand Opening of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse at Disneyland. Top Left: Walt and Kevin “Moochie” Corcoran, a star from the film Swiss Family Robinson, take their chances with an Ostrich. Top Right: Walt opens an empty gift box. Center Left: Walt ad-libs and gives the gift box bow […]

  • Photo of the Week – Monsanto Hall of Chemistry

    Monsanto Hall of Chemistry, 1962. The small water jets would independently rise and fall against the changing hues of the tiled wall. In front the flag poles with their plaques bring a verticality that can only be softened by the up-lit trees. So elegant and modern. Unknown photographer. Tweet

  • Incredible Aerial of Disneyland 1962

    Its a smoggy summer day on the OC but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this photo is fantastic! I could look at it for hours. Smack in the middle is Rainbow Caverns show building. You can see all the falls on Cascade peak. Guests are riding the Mule Train. You can see […]

  • Haunted Mansion Construction

    I love old construction photos! Here we have the Disneyland Railroad bridge going from one tunnel section to another. Between them the Haunted Mansions foundation is being constructed out of rebar and concrete. On the right is the new berm that was relocated along with the track to the southwest, enlarging old Frontierland. As you look down the tracks […]