• The Walt Disney Studios
    Swiss Family Robinson – The Movie

    Last night I watched the original Walt Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson. I haven’t seen it since I was a kid. It is a tale of a shipwrecked family building an new life in their island home. As you may also know that the Swiss Family Treehouse is the coolest attraction in Adventureland! Although dated in some respects it is […]

  • Disneyland Decal

    Remember Decals? Well here is one from around 1960. I bought two, one for the cover of my Disneyland scrap book and this one. In case you forgot here are the instruction on the flip side. Remember to allow to dry for ten hours! Tweet

  • Why No One Had Any “E” Tickets At The End Of The Day

    He is a 1960 Ticket Flyer. You got these at the ticket and information booths at the parks entrance.  Your planning on riding EVERYTHING in the park so what should I buy? Most people entering the park would splurge on the “Jumbo15” cause the “Big 10” only has three “E” coupons. That’s for old ladies, […]