• Disneyland
    Retro Disneyland

    1956 – Boy Scouts reading a Broadside posted on Frontierland’s stockade gate. 1961 – A bad day in the parking lot. 1957 – Frontierland’s Rainbow Caverns Mine Train. 1961 – The Flying Saucers in Tomorrowland. Note the “Old” Admin Building behind the geometric fence. 1959 – A Wigwam at Frontierland’s Indian Village. Tweet

  • Attractions
    Mark I Monorail’s Final Assembly

    It’s late afternoon on June 13th, 1959 and the new Mark I Monorail Red (Monorail Blue was about two weeks behind schedule) is in final assembly. In this rare photo you can see the workmen making final connections and check-outs of the newly erected and attached train. You can also see that the flexible boot that […]

  • Cast Members
    Retro Annette

    The first three pictures show Princess Sophie of Greece and Annette with an unnamed chaperon and police escort posing in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Taken November 23, 1958, Annette had just turned 16. Annette cooking and eating dinner with her father Joe, mother Virginia, and her brothers Michael and Joey in 1959. Annette at home in […]

  • New Attractions Preview 1959

    You might have seen a photograph of this preview sign before but this one is kinda special. Behind it you can see “Holiday Hill” with the Skyway tower on top. That tower was probably the least photographed thing in the early days of Disneyland. So what new attractions can we look forward to in June 1959? […]

  • View from the Hub 1959

    This shot taken from the top of the Matterhorn had to be around it’s opening in June 1959. A crane can be seen just inside the picture by the House of the Future. Was it being used in the mountain’s construction? I also noticed a large group of people at the Plaza Gardens but hardly anyone […]

  • View from the Pavilion Cafeteria

    I talked about the Pavilion Cafeteria in an earlier post (here) describing my fond memory sitting by the rail at night watching the boats return from the jungle. Well I found this rare photo of the exact place I would sit with my Dad. One of those two young boys could as well have been me! P.S. Happy […]