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Founded by former Walt Disney Imagineer Mark Hickson, Disney by Mark, a.k.a. DbM, is a 24/7 independent news website featuring current news, stories, and editorials about the Walt Disney Company and all its subsidiaries, world-wide. Disney by Mark also features consumer product, film, television, theme park, resort, and dining reviews. Disney by Mark has seven synergistic websites including: DbM YouTube, DbM Twitter, DbM Facebook, DbM Tumblr, DbM Pinterest, DbM Google+, and DbM Flickr.

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12 thoughts on “About Disney by Mark

  1. I think this is so fabulous. What a great opportunity after so many years gone by in your childhood dreams. Goes to show that no one really knows what great things can happen without first dreaming with a passion for it. I loved reading what you wrote and I can feel the passion that still excites you – truly you have been blessed with pixie dust!

    Great wishes for you,
    Pamela :-)

  2. ¡Qué maravilla! Yo también soñe toda mi vida con poder visitar Disney; ahora que ya visité Walth Disney World en dos ocasiones y Disneylandparis tres veces, mi gran deseo es trabajar en Disney. Aunque ya tengo más de cuarenta años y no hablo francés (por eso me rechazaron en Disneylandparis) no cesaré en mi intento de trabajar en algún Disneyland de EEUU; no sé si lo conseguiré (vivo en España y es complicado), pero desde luego nunca voy a dejar de intentarlo y tu tesón y perseverancia me animan a seguir.
    Aunque nunca lo consiga, yo siempre me sentiré como una parte de Disney.

  3. Dear Mark,
    You are an inspiration. I have loved Disneyland since I was born. My entire extended family has been going annually and semiannually every year for four decades! We leave for our fourty-first annual trip in thirty four days but I don’t know how many times I have been, I’ve lost count. We never get sick of the place because new memories are made and old ones are remembered with every visit. Recently I decided that an Imagineering career was in my future and the only thing that was right for me. I want this more than anything. I have researched internships and courses I should be taking and applying for when I get out of High School and while in school I am taking many art classes because I love art especially ceramic sculpting, and pottery. My goal is to become a concept artist for rides and attractions in Disney parks. If you have any advice or helpful tips they would be much appreciated.

  4. Hello Mark!
    People just like you inspire me on becoming an Imagineer. I find your story very interesting. Its very funny how the true fans of the Disney company becomes a big part of our lives. Growing up in the 90s I had the same passion for Disneyland. As a child my parents would take me to the park every other month. Living in Los Angeles wasn’t a problem. When i was a little boy I would always recreate the Disneyland Map and put my own attractions in it. Sadly I have no clue where those drawings are anymore. As a child I couldn’t get enough of Disneyland. 20 years later I’m still a Disney fan. I go to the park every weekend with my lovely girlfriend and now we are making memories together someday hoping to make some with our children. I still have the passion for Imgineering. I’m a freshly college graduate hoping to someday get in soon.

      • Your very welcome Mark!

        I will not trust me, I been working on a attraction for an on going 2 years for fun and hoping to get it all done with in the end of this year.

  5. Hey Mark,
    This site is a really great Idea. I received your card after you were videotaping me driving the boat at Magic Kingdom. It would have been great to know that you were an Imagineer. I have been trying to get into the computer graphic side of Imagineering, but as you know this is not an easy task.
    I keep my fingers crossed and hopes up, trying to find diffrerent tunnels to get my information to them. However, in the meantime I continue to excell in my art, and I enjoy creating art and taking pride in all that I do.

  6. Mark

    I want to say THANK YOU for bringing a smile to my face….life has been very “challenging” since I left Orlando (1 Oct 2004)….I SO look forward to you info….rarely does even a “slight” smile come near to my face… except for the few minutes while I am reading the newest info you are so kind to share.

    Thank you

    age 62

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