Look what these Disneyland parade marshals have found, a lost boy!


The young lady who found him is holding his hand while the gentleman from Disneyland security is here to find out who he is.


Once his interview is over she helps walk the little boy over to the Lost & Found room at the park’s hub.


The little fellow was already known, as he has already been lost several times during his visit!

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  1. DbM Editorial Staff

    From Facebook:

    Nick Pawlak Maybe his parents should keep a better eye on him
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    Ann Marie Castelluccio Thomas That’s an awful thing to say. Stuff happens. I was at WDW last year when I saw a frantic mom who had lost her autistic 5-yr-old baby girl. She had literally turned for a SECOND at the princess shop in the Animation Courtyard at MGM and she was gone. And it was pouring rain. Her daughter could not speak, but had all of her information pinned to her shirt. My teenage son and I looked through the lady’s camera at pictures of the little girl, sacrificed FP times, and went through the downpour to help this poor lady. Disney security was already on the scene. We scoured every square inch of Hollywood Blvd as this poor woman became more hysterical. I felt nothing but empathy for her because the SAME THING had happened to my family years before – a lost kid at WDW. You literally feel like you are going to pass out. An hour later, I ran into her and she had her child – she threw her arms around us and thanked us over and over and our day became that much more magical.
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    Nick Pawlak Read the story, he was lost several times!!!!!
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    Diane Dobson If you read the story it says he was lost several times! So I agree about keeping a better eye on him! I too have had a child wander off at Disney, but not more than once!!!
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    Ann Marie Castelluccio Thomas It didn’t mention if he had some sort of mental disability. I admire those parents I see at WDW trying to give their child a “normal” magical vacation, but who look utterly exhausted keeping up with their special kids. Then, again, the above story could’ve been planned by a sneaky family trying to get some publicity – I’ve seen families switch their completely healthy kids in and out of wheelchairs just for all the perks WHO knows?
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    Nick Pawlak If he had a disability they should never let him get lost, you just like to argue
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    DisneybyMark My aunt had to put a leash on my over-energetic cousin when she went to Sears http://www.disneybymark.com/…/06/11/disneyland-on-a-leash/

    Disneyland on a Leash
    Posted on June 11, 2011 by DbM Editorial StaffDisneyland on a LeashDisneylandHow… See More
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    Brian Zepmeisel How is it a bad thing to say? Plain and simple watch your kid.
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    Patricia McHugh Peele He’s probably checking out the lost & found at every park maybe he’s a corporate plant to see if they are doing their job right. LOL
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    Miranda Mayo Having an autistic daughter I have to say they should have kept a better eye on their child. It is a cute article and made me smile but in the end it is the parents responsibility to be there for the child not themself.
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    Brenda Thomas lol
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    Elizabeth Ileana Ortiz The article said he was lost several times during his visit. Seriously? Why didn’t his parents hold on to him after the first time? He’s still small enough. How about a stroller? Or a wrist band on the kid attached to an adult. Thankfully the CM’s are well trained in what to do.
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  2. DrGoat

    I agree. They should have him under better supervision. Although if you have to get lost, Disneyland is the best place to do so.

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