reported that Chelsea Herline, a 26-year-old San Francisco woman was able to redeem a Walt Disney World Park Hopper Pass she had as a four year old.

The 4-Day Park Hopper Pass from 1994 still had one day left on it. During one family vacation to Disney World, Chelsea got sick and could not use the last day of her 4-Day Park Hopper pass. Chelsea decided to see if the 22-year-old pass was still valid. So, she went to the ticket window at Disney World and the woman working at the counter said, “Wow. I’ve never seen one this old!” The woman called over her manager, who helped her convert it from a child admission paper ticket to an electronic adult admission ticket.

How nice!



park-hopper park-hopper-4

photos: Chelsea Herline

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  1. DbM Editorial Staff

    From Facebook:

    Steve Diggins Don’t they have expiration dates?
    Like · Reply · 10 hrs
    Greg Meader
    Greg Meader · Friends with Mark Eades
    Not the older passes. I still have about 10 passes from my WDI days that are still good. Of course it always takes a visit to Guest Relations as current cast members are always a bit confused about them.

  2. Jeff

    Good to know.
    I’ve still got one day left on my 1991 park hopper (my first ever WDW Trip).
    I keep it as my ace in the hole if I’m ever in need of one more park day.

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