The Disney Parks blog ran a brief story yesterday about an “exciting photo to share” with their readers. Shown was a photo of the first new train test (a static shot in the station) on the brand-new track that was just installed at the attraction. They also mentioned that it will re-open this Winter 2014. This new date calculates out to be February, a full four month slip from the original target of October 2013.

What would cause this large of a slip? Ride Testing. For whatever undisclosed reason, the vehicle ride tests must have gone badly enough to require a re-design.


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  1. DbM Editorial Staff

    From Facebook:

    Mark Eades I know why it happened, but I tell you I would have to tie you to the tracks. Though I do admit a Manhattan at the Hearthstone might loosen my tongue…
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    Juliette Wallen We were there one night when the train went off the track. So glad to see the park is being extra careful and not rushing the remodel.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 17 hours ago

    My Disney Experiences Glad it’s for safety reasons, but I’m a little disappointed it will be closed while we are there.
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