According to Yahoo News-American City Business Journals, the U.S. Department of Labor released a statement on March 17 announcing that the department and two subsidiaries of The Walt Disney Co. have reached an agreement that will provide $3.8 million in back wages to Disney’s Florida employees. Back wages will be paid to 16,339 employees of the Disney Vacation Club Management Corp. and Walt Disney Parks & Resorts U.S. Inc., which are both located at Lake Buena Vista. The department’s Wage & Hour Division found violations of minimum wage, overtime and record keeping provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, according to the statement.

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  1. Donald

    I am not happy about this money that was wrongfully taken from theses employees. This is not Ok…I had to pay serious Karma in this life for the Strike after Snow White in 1941 .Every time someone at Disney does stuff like this it comes back on me karma wise! I think everyone here needs to know that WALT DISNEY IS BACK…Walt Disney actually was reincarnated as Tiffany Donald on
    February 15, 1976…10 years after his death. He is now Mother to Lillian Disney(He is a woman in this life) … Her daughter is Born December 5, 2003 and she had a son prior to that On Dec, 30, 1999 who has his brother Raymond Disney’s Bday which also happens to be the same Day Charles Mintz died 1939 and was even born on the same block as Ray Disney’s insurance company located at 1771 N Vermont Ave and he was born 1300 N Vermont at Queen of Angeles in Hollywood. To find Charles Mintz proper date of death…go to find a grave. She was born with the last name Donald like the Duck and was born in Alameda Ca..Walt Disney Studios is located on Alameda/Buena Vista Rd in Burbank. She has a facebook page under Tiffany Donald (Madalyn) and has more proof of who she is and is writing a book about it that will be out early next year with all the proof in it. Its a real facebook page and not a fake one….so I do not want people coming back on this page or harassing her saying mean and nasty stuff because they have no belief in the spiritual world or are misinformed about the fact that we only have one soul and that that soul never changes…it just goes into a different vessel. She is very much aware of who she now and she wants to get home to the studio but without this book being written its nearly impossible to get the world to see…let alone her Company. She is constantly ridiculed and mocked by nasty people on the internet for coming out with this. In the end the whole world will see that they were wrong and hopefully this will set the record straight. It’s pretty obvious with this information coming to light that Walt/Tiffany needs to be back home and running things himself and hopefully after this book he will be. This should have never happened…and will never happen once he is home. I am really sorry to all the employees at Disney Florida that got screwed over and had to sue the company…this just saddens me and my soul is not OK with this….

  2. Steve Doherty

    Even people who aren’t into faith understand in a natural way in their heart what is the truth.

    It is appointed from God to all humanity to die only once – isn’t this a relief? What would it be like otherwise?

    Hebrews 9:27
    (google the archeological research yourself)


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