According to a story in the Hollywood Reporter, Disney is developing a live-action ‘Snow White’ film penned by screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson.

The movie will include new songs, with songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who most recently wrote the lyrics for La La Land, attached to compose the new music. Marc Platt, who also is working with Disney on Mary Poppins Returns, will produce. Disney has been on a roll with its new takes on its animated classics, including such successes as Maleficent, The Jungle Book and Cinderella.

The studio’s next live-action fairytale release will be Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson, and is also developing a live-action version of Mulan for a 2018 release, and has brought back a live-action Aladdin and The Lion King are also is in the works.

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  1. DbM Editorial Staff

    from Facebook:

    Alex Yaniz i’m just about done with the disney remakes, the only one I’m looking forward to is Haunted Mansion
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    Mark Sloan
    Mark Sloan My babies will have uncle Mark an Chris back.

  2. DbM Editorial Staff

    from Facebook:
    Bob Sendzik Wow Walt is not here anymore and so today they are marketing an image not his genius.. This movie was his 1st Adventure where Walt RISKED IT ALL. just to make it.. So please dont Touch Snow White just enjoy the Genius of Walt and one of the most loved films of all time.
    Pam Dahl It’s what people focused on consumerism do. They aren’t visionaries, nor are they artists. The trouble is TWDC is no longer led by creative. Creative now serves business. Walt & Roy made a business from art forms. A completely different focus and purpose. Sad to see the demise. Change can be good – but in this case it’s predictable and boring. Ho Hum. No new ideas.
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    Mike Ishikawa
    Mike Ishikawa Tale wagging the dog…
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    Pam Dahl
    Pam Dahl Mike Ishikawa – I’m not sure the Dog has a tail.
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    Mike Ishikawa
    Mike Ishikawa Don’t you mean tail has a dog? 3:)
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    Pam Dahl
    Pam Dahl nope. The tail shows emotion.
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    Mark Hickson

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    Michael Scott Snyder
    Michael Scott Snyder They are so out of ideas that it is beyond sad. People complained about Michael Eisner and the era of Jungle Book 2 and Bambi 2 and however many Lion King and Cinderellas that went direct to video. … This is even worse. What else is left after Poppins and Snow White? Are we going to have a live action 90-minute Steamboat Willie next?
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    Pam Dahl
    Pam Dahl Shhhhhhhh!

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