Located in Disneyland’s Toon Town, next to Chip ‘N’ Dale’s Treehouse, the Acorn Crawl was a ball-crawl similar to McDonald’s playgrounds but featured acorn-shaped balls. It was closed due to “ongoing concerns about health and cleanliness.” In other words, kids were peeing in it and stealing the Acorn balls!

Now here is a trivia question: When did Disneyland close this attraction?

DbMballcrawl-01x DbMballcrawl-02x DbMballcrawl-03x

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  1. Janine


  2. DbM Editorial Staff

    From Linkedin:

    Greg Nutt
    Cameraman & Post Production Specialist

    Chip ‘N’ Dales’s attraction was a big pain in the backside. We got multiple calls a day in the Comm for “clean up” because someone had pee’d, puked, boo’d, etc in the acorns. Basically it was a cesspool.
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    David Lucas
    Owner, Lucastudio

    The collectable pins getting knocked off added one more layer of “fun” to the crawl..
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