Aulani Resort is currently expanding its facilities. When finished, there will be a themed family pool called Ka Maka Grotto (Ka Maka is Hawaiian for The point of the fishhook”) featuring an infinity edge, a misty grotto with an after-dark glittering lights experience, along with a Keiki (kids’) splash zone (Keiki Cove) and a poolside dining venue called Ulu Cafe (‘ulu is Hawaiian for breadfruit) serving breakfast, lunch and dinner featuring an outdoor patio. Additional deck space, chairs, chaises and cabanas will surround the new water features. They have not published an opening date for these new additions but DbM continues to project a September 30th opening. You can compare the progress to our last Aulani construction updates from June 16th HERE, May 28th HERE, and April 1st HERE.


A half a dozen workers are putting the finishing touches to the rockwork plaster final coat inside the Ka Maka Grotto. You can see the finished pool walls snaking around in front of it.


The Keiki Cove interactive fountain floor has now been poured. A worker is removing plastic sheeting used to protect the rockwork from the concrete overspray.


This mini-equipment staging area is going to be the beach chair area fronting the Keiki play area. You can see the short concrete wall that defines the area.


Here you can see the lava rock theme for the wall. Everything on the right side will be filled up to the top of the wall with soil.


An overhead shot of the new restaurant Ulu Cafe. The wall shown above can be seen on the right side.


Workers on Ulu Cafe’s new roof are removing some of the lava rock so a new finish can be installed and integrated into the roof. Below the dining and kitchen area floors, electrical wiring, and interior walls are all being worked on.


An exterior wall’s lava rock has been installed and awaiting to be stained to look like black lava.

overhead photo courtesy of: Werner Weiss –

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