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    Hobbyland Lake

    In this photo from 1957 guests are taking their seats just before the show is to begin. So what will they see? Radio controlled boats races and tethered gas powered model airplanes! This “Lake” was only inches deep but still offers a great reflection of the Rocket to the Moon attraction. Here is an aerial photo of it. This […]

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    Deleted Disney: Chip ‘N’ Dale’s Acorn Crawl

    Located in Disneyland’s Toon Town, next to Chip ‘N’ Dale’s Treehouse, the Acorn Crawl was a ball-crawl similar to McDonald’s playgrounds but featured acorn-shaped balls. It was closed due to “ongoing concerns about health and cleanliness.” In other words, kids were peeing in it and stealing the Acorn balls! Now here is a trivia question: […]

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    Mark I Monorail’s Final Assembly

    It’s late afternoon on June 13th, 1959 and the new Mark I Monorail Red (Monorail Blue was about two weeks behind schedule) is in final assembly. In this rare photo you can see the workmen making final connections and check-outs of the newly erected and attached train. You can also see that the flexible boot that […]

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    Disney Announces Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Opening Date

    The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Disney World’s newest ride, will open to the public on May 28. The date was announced during a dedication ceremony in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. “I know, I don’t want to wait that long either,” said Tom Staggs, chairman of Disney Parks & Resorts, during the ceremony. He, along […]

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    Imagineers Taking a Tour in 1994

    Here is the Walt Disney Imagineering’s Honey, I Shrunk the Audience creative and production team taking a break during a walk through of the Great Movie Ride. It’s January 1994, and the team has flown out from Glendale to survey and research the lights, projection, sound, and effects equipment installed in Captian Eo, Jim Henson’s Muppet Vision […]

  • Animal Kingdom
    Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life Model

    Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life concept model at “Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream” in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Made at Walt Disney Imagineering, take some time to look at it’s detail, then visit the real Tree of Life to see it come to life! See if you can find the Gorilla, Crab, Snail, Flamingo, and Armadillo […]

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    Columbia’s Construction

    In 1957 and 1958 Joe Fowler and Ray Wallace constructed for Walt Disney the first three-masted windjammer to have been built in the United States in more than 100 years. Joe was the projects foreman and Ray was the naval architect. The steel hull was made at Todd Shipyards in San Pedro. You can see […]

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    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Model

    By Mark Hickson: In the lobby of the Disneyland Hotel’s Frontier Tower (formerly the Wonder Tower and originally called the Bonita Tower) you will find the original Big Thunder Mountain Railroad model in a large plexiglass case. The original model was made by WDI as a reference tool during the design and construction of the attraction. […]