Don’t you love Twitter? It’s so… current! Well last night there was a big, big buzz. Word on twitter was that Bob Iger was going to announce  something really, really big at Disney’s Hollywood Studios after the fireworks show. So guess what? It was a hoax! So wanting to make a pig skin into a purse, here are the best Twitter posts on what Bob Iger was going to announce to twitter users!

  • I’ve got to say that #igerwatch was one of the most entertaining non events I’ve seen on Twitter. Ever.
  • Bob Iger announces that Duffy the Disney Bear will play the new villain in the upcoming Star Wars films.
  • Tonight Bob Iger reveals that they are thawing Walt from the carbonite.
  • Princess Leia will become an offical Disney Princess
  • Tonight Bob Iger announces that yes… Animal Kingdom is still a half day park
  • George Lucas bought back Star Wars from Disney for 10 billion.
  • Iger will announce a ride based on Jar Jar Binks
  • Bob Iger announces that Disney has sold Jar Jar Binks back to George Lucas.
  • Iger announces Country Ewok Jamboree, which is just 12 minutes of “Yub Nub” over and over.
  • Spaceship Earth to be renamed “The Epcot Golfball” and will permanently have Mike Wazowski’s face on it
  • The Hall of Presidents will become a new Galactic Senate attraction.
  • Bob Iger announces all guests to DHS can get their Mickeychlorian count tested. Price to be determined
  • Bob Iger will announce the renaming of DHS to “Star Wars Studios”.
  • Iger announces that from today on, we will all refer to him as “The Emperor”
  • Bob Iger announces they are using red matter to make a new Star Wars with even more lens flares!
  • Bob Iger announces they he and Lucas are gathering up the debris from Alderaan to make a new & improved planet for the next movie.
  • Bob Iger will announce a new @BetteMidler movie to be made in Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • If this announcement doesn’t include and Ewok village I’m going to be mad!
  • Iger and Lucas on stage with Vader. Vader removes mask and we see its really Michael Eisner, he looks at Iger and says I AM YOUR FATHER!
  • All bathrooms will now become themed like the Rapunzel bathrooms and there will be a charge for it’s use.

And our favorite: Bob Iger will announce that he just saved 15% by switching to Geico on his car insurance!

cover photo: © Disney

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