Mickey Mouse and Forever 21 – A Bible Verse in Every Bag?

Editorial: Today Disney and Forever 21 launched a new collection of limited-edition women’s apparel and accessories, under the Mickey & Co. collection by Forever 21. Inspired by vintage Mickey Mouse designs with an ‘80’s vibe, the collection is available now at Forever 21 clothing stores.

But what buyers don’t realize is Forever 21 is owned by Do Wo Chang, a born-again evangelical christian. When you make a purchase read the bottom of your take-home packaging — John 3:16 is printed on every bag.

One of the bastions of Disney has been their vanilla approach to religion and religious iconery. One of the reasons Disney is so popular globally is they never mix religion with Mickey Mouse. One can wonder if Disney Consumer Products knows what is printed in every Forever 21 bag, or if they are turning a blind eye to it to make a buck.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter what religious message is present when you buy Disney branded merchandise. If consumers equate Disney to any religion, the Disney image is forever tarnished.

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4 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse and Forever 21 – A Bible Verse in Every Bag?

  1. This post is not very well thought out. First off Disney and many many other brands have been selling at Forever 21 for years. Being offended by the fact that F21 is owned by a Christian is one of the most shallow things I’ve ever heard of. And as far as Disney never touching religion… well you better let someone in Parks and Resorts know about that because every Descember they read the story of the birth of Christ at Disney World and Disneyland.

  2. Brandon, The parks celebrate many traditional holidays both free and at special ticketed events, like the candlelight event. Other events include Lunar New Year (honoring deities & ancestors) and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Participation in these events are voluntary and they are not evangelical.

    But, making a purchase and then being asked to convert to any religion is what is wrong here. Just because Forever 21 has been doing it “for years” does not make it right for Disney and it’s branding. It is imperative that Disney be made aware of this, and any other issues that dilute their appeal to the world as a whole.

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