Dining Review: Planet Hollywood

By Mark Hickson: Can you believe it? This is the first dining review that I have ever done at Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney! With that in mind I thought it would be fun to invite my buddy John Frost, editor of The Disney Blog, for dinner at Planet Hollywood. This was the first trip for both of us and found the experience and VIP treatment that we received an evening to remember. You can read John’s post of our visit HERE.

DbMplanethollywood00First off John ordered a very tropical drink called “Inception” that came in a fun, light-up glass that blinked very fast. Below is a short video showing the “Blinky” glass!

First we ordered their VIP Platter that includes Planet Hollywood’s famous Chicken Crunch, Buffalo Wings, Texas Tostados and Spinach dip. I really liked all three items but the wings ended up my favorite. They had just the right amount of spicy-tartness that you expect for a great wing. The Tostados were good and cheesy and easy to eat while talking about internet stuff. The Chicken Crunch (hiding behind the dip) was a good pairing for the Spinach Dip.

John ordered their Crab Cakes, consisting of two jumbo lump crabcakes served with mashed potatoes and fresh sautéed vegetables. John described them as “Tasty.”

My entree was their Alfredo Pasta Linguini but without chicken or shrimp (special ordered). I found it creamy and rich with the right amount of Parmesan. The Linguini was cooked perfectly, not mushy or too al dente. I enjoyed the soft bread spears too.

What I really appreciated about our dinner at Planet Hollywood was how well we were treated. The service was spot-on and I never felt rushed. Yes, there are tons of people all talking and walking from here to there, but that is what you should expect in the most popular restaurant at Downtown Disney. Many thanks to Peter and Mark!

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