Starbucks and Joffrey’s = No More Free Refills at Disneyland

Have you ever got a free coffee refill at the Market House on Main Street? Disneyland’s Market House began serving free refills when it opened in 1955, the year Disneyland opened. After buying a first cup, guests who keep their receipts could return for another cup of coffee at any time during the same day. Such a deal!

But on Sunday April 15th, when they close the Market House to turn it into a Starbucks, there will be no more free refills. The end to a 58 year tradition. Suzi Brown, a Disneyland Resort spokeswoman said in a statement, “When Market House re-opens in the fall, the location will no longer brew Disney branded coffee or offer free refills. However, guests will still be able to purchase the various flavors of Disney Blend coffee at several Disneyland Resort merchandise locations.”

For years Nescafe was the coffee of choice at all the Disney parks and resorts. Then as reported last month Tampa-based Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company became the official “specialty” coffee of Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort and Disney Vacation Club properties. With these two contracts in place Starbucks will get the park’s coffee shops and Joffrey’s will get everything else, including those Disneyland Resort merchandise locations mentioned by Brown.

So I guess you get the picture, Nescafe and their free refills out, Starbucks and Joffrey’s and their no-refills and higher prices are in!

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8 thoughts on “Starbucks and Joffrey’s = No More Free Refills at Disneyland

  1. I will soooo miss the Market House, it’s a little part of Disneyland that means a lot to me, and others too I think. I’m sad.

  2. Boo! A company converts their reputation for wonderful, thoughtful experience and magic into corporate money grabbing with things like this. In the grand scheme of things, the relative loss on the coffee vs. the genuine good will the refill actually puts into the guest’s emotional account is a much higher ROI than the bottom line shows.

  3. Not a coffee drinker, but I am sad to see that Disneyland is losing this bit of Americana. I like Starbucks (for their tea), but it doesn’t belong inside Disneyland. I don’t think that Walt would approve. Wasn’t the whole point of Main Street to preserve a glimpse of our roots?

  4. I for one am glad to see the Nescafe brand go away. It’s not very good, more like instant coffee. Although I’m from Seattle I can’t say I’m a huge Starbucks fan either. It is good (much better then Nescafe) but the cost is over the top as far as I’m concerned. Just glad to see them do away with Nescafe.

  5. Aren’t things expensive enough in disneyland? Why did they pick the most overpriced vendor for coffee they could find? Starbucks just doesn’t belong in a Disney park. =o/ Of course I don’t really think McDonalds belongs in there either. Talk about mark up prices. Ouch.

  6. It was a routine to swoop by and get a coffee on the way in then get a refill a little later to help pick us up. I don’t agree with Disney outsourcing the coffee. What’s next, bringing in Ben & Jerry’s to replace the Gibson Girl ice cream shop? booooooooooo.

  7. At my Von’s and Pavillions Market they have an in house Starbucks serving station. They do offer specials and I have been offered free refills maybe if I return 3 hours later. Maybe that keeps you shopping and in the store, but don’t know why they cant do the same at Disneyland. Disney must have some control over there sponsors.

  8. When they were building Tokyo Disneyland back in 1982/83, the WED Imagineers found Dunkin’ Donuts coffee the BEST in Japan off the street. A lot of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and donuts were delivered to team meetings. During the EDL Disneyland installation 10 years later, the Dunkin’ Donuts closed all their shops in Paris. Some reported that the sweet Donuts were not popular there for a closure reason. They did come back after EDL opened in 1992, but not in time for the WDI Imagineers working the cold winter installations. Not to worry however as Paris had great coffee at most places. I was told they brew it slowly where other country’s boil it.

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