Orlando Leaders Get Disney “Silver Passes”

Distributed by Disney World’s public affairs division, the “VIP Main Entrance Pass,” also called a “Silver Pass” entitles a recipient to complimentary admission and parking at any Walt Disney theme park, world-wide. “We offer them to senior leaders in our community as a way to thank them for their support, provide exposure to our product, and support their organization’s efforts,” Disney spokeswoman said.

So what is the value of this “Silver Pass?” With this little card you and up to three additional guests get free entry, 365 days a year, into any Disney park or water park, world-wide. Let’s look at the price of annual passports for the parks. Disneyland/WDW Premier Passports = $849, Tokyo Disneyland Resort = $894.66, Hong Kong Disneyland = $309.58, and Disneyland Paris = $265, for a total of $3,318.24 (plus tax and V.A.T.). If the Silver Pass includes an additional three “Guests” it’s total value would be $13,273. Not a bad perk if your a globe trotter!

Want to know more? Read the full story “Disney doles out VIP passes to a select few” by Jason Garcia at the Orlando Sentinel HERE


2 thoughts on “Orlando Leaders Get Disney “Silver Passes”

  1. The Tokyo Disneyland Resort is not included in the Silver Pass admissions.

    “‘Silver Pass’ — entitles a recipient to complimentary parking and admission to any Walt Disney Co. theme park in Orlando, Southern California, Paris or Hong Kong.”

    1. When I had my Silver Pass (photo above) you could not use it at TDL (I still got in free), but according to the linked Orlando Sentinal story, you can use it there now.

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