DbM Film Reviews: Frankenweenie, Wreck-It-Ralph, and Tarzan

  • Frankenweenie: OK, I gotta be honest. There was so much promotion for this film, so much of the story-line revealed, and such long movie trailers on TV and the internet that it all ruined it for me. After the first five minuets I was bored! Why? Cause I have seen everything already! This film was so over exposed that it never had to be released. I’m sure if I walked into the theater cold, not knowing anything about it, I would have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I really like Burton as an artist and movie maker but the promotion for this film was completely miss-handled by Disney. Their film marketing “weenies” completely ruined it for me. Thanks Guys!
  • Wreck-It-Ralph: Being a former hard core Atari gamer I have been looking forward to this movies release, in part to see how my favorite classic games were treated. This flick felt like a cartoon version of the world of Tron (1.0). It was cute, very cute, but very predictable. Good family entertainment without leaving an after-taste. I wish they paid more attention to Qbert, but that’s OK, no one can understand what he says anyway. So here is the big question, after it’s big box-office success, should they make it into a theme park attraction? NO! Or as Qbert would say “#: >@^*)-!”
  • Tarzan: Let me ask you a question: how many Disney movie releases have you missed? Well it turns out for me there are three (that I can think of ) or maybe four, or five. I have never seen The Black Calderon, Hercules, Atlantis, Treasure Planet, and Tarzan (sorry but I was busy at the time). So last week I picked up “Tarzan – Special Edition” at Costco because of two good reasons, one is I have never seen it, and two, I got $9.00 off my theater ticket to see “Wreck-it Ralph.” Cool! Now about the movie. I really liked it! It was funny, it had passion, and it was exciting! The treatment of  Tarzan as a youth was really well done and when done, I felt connected to his Gorilla family. He had funny and loyal friends, the music was great, and the bad guy was bad, but not horrible. A fun movie for all and worthy as a Disney classic! If you have missed it, go out and buy it while it is still available.

6 thoughts on “DbM Film Reviews: Frankenweenie, Wreck-It-Ralph, and Tarzan

  1. Thanks for your mini-reviews, Mark. Very enjoyable. I remember when Disney’s Tarzan was first released, I read a review that compared this version of the story to the myth of Oedipus. When I saw the movie, I realized how insightful that observation was. Think about it: they are both are about heroic men who are obsessed with the desire to know the true story of their origins. They press ahead with their quests for self knowledge, carelessly disregarding repeated warnings that their efforts will bring terrible harm to those they love most. In the Oedipus myth, the title character ends up an outcast–blinded and exiled from his ruined kingdom. The Tarzan narrative, being a Disney production, allows the hero to ultimately redeem himself and save his threatened jungle family. Yet the key connections between the two stories are still very clear.

  2. I am glad you liked Tarzan. It is one of my favourites almost for the amazing music alone. Just want to add that I saw Wreck it Ralph and really liked it. Being someone who likes the idea og gaming over games themselves I thought it hit all the right notes. Especially since they didn’t try to dumb down the whole movie. I also think that going into candy land and driving in those cars would make a great ride. but was still happy to hear your opinions.

  3. If we want to drive race cars in “Candyland” (that would be totally fun) then Disney will have to go out and buy Nintendo and Mario! LOL

  4. Wreck-it-Ralph was fun and entertaining with some great action and a good story. I’m not sure if it’s a park-worthy movie, necessarily, but they could very easily utilize the movie and characters to breathe new life into WDW’s Disney Quest, which is badly in need of something.

    1. While Wreck it Ralph isn’t the best movie or the most adaptable to the parks I think entering that world would be fun and very exciting. If they can make a whole land from Cars I think they could at least do something with Ralph and Candyland. Disney quest could probably benefit too though I agree.

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