Breakfast at the Grand Californian’s White Water Snacks

White Waters Snacks is a little hidden gem at the Grand Californian Resort. Located past the resorts DCA park entrance and past the Spa it serves as the pools snack bar and a great place to have a quick breakfast or lunch.

You can eat inside or out on a long patio. This craftsman themed eatery is probably the quietest place in the whole resort. I visited right before the parks opening and (as you can see) few were there.

You can order from a fixed menu that will be brought out to you when ready and they also have grab-and-go cold cases with fruit, yogurt, pre-packaged sandwiches, salads, a pastry bar, and cold and hot drink stations.

I ordered a Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich with egg, bacon, cheese. It came with some very large grapes on the side. This sandwich was really, really big. So big, I could only eat half! The biscuit almost overwhelmed the egg, bacon, and cheese. I put some jelly on it for a final touch and in the end, found it to be a most satisfying breakfast. Bottom line: I really recommend this place for an easy breakfast, lunch, or snack, during your next visit to DCA and the Grand Californian.

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