Happy Hallow-Weenie!

Sold at Award Wieners, a food spot across from the Animation Building at DCA, the Frank-n-Weenie is a pork sausage wrapped in bacon, topped with barbecue sauce and sautéed onions and apples inside a toasted onion-jalapeno bun.

The “story-line” reason on why it is wrapped in bacon is they are trying to recreate the stitches on the dog in the Disney’s movie “Frankenweenie.” It comes with a black Franken-Fusion Lemonade that is topped with white, lemon-lime foam – a tie-in to the black-and white animated film. The concoction’s base is Minute Maid light lemonade that has wild grape and blackberry flavoring. So here is a picture of it. Most of you will say “It looks Gross!”

…and your right! But it tasted GREAT! It didn’t need any condiments at all. It had a wonderful “snap” as you bit through the bacon and casing. The onions and apple were sauteed to perfection and the BBQ sauce was spot-on! The drink was refreshing and complemented the spiciness of the onion-jalapeno bun. I think this might be the “Best Dog” in the park!

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