The Infamous Silver Pass

What do you call the best perk an employee could ever have? A Silver Pass! With this little card you and up to three additional guests get free entry into Disneyland and Walt Disney World. And did I mention you got free parking too! As an Imagineer I got two cards, one for me, and one for my wife. Now that doesn’t mean we could get eight people into the park because you could only use one card, once a day. If you’re sneaky you could get five in, four on the card and then the cast member enters through the employee entrance. But I never, ever did that!

This card really spoiled us. After an evening Angels baseball game we would drop by the park on the way home to watch the fireworks and do a ride or two. When I was working on Splash my daughter would invite one or two of her friends for a day in the park and then meet me for lunch. Those were good times!

5 thoughts on “The Infamous Silver Pass

  1. That pass did come in handy!! Thank you so much for the wonderful memories, Mr. Hickson! I was a beneficiary of that pass countless times.

  2. Does anyone know how long you have to work with the Disney company in order to get a lifetime Silver Pass?

  3. I was a WDW Cast member in 2000 and it was the most fun I had ever had in my entire life, I loved the ID pass I got, I still have it today as well as more than a thousand Disney things that I have collected over the past 30 years. My wife said once that Disney could be a religion and political party at the same time. All my life I wanted to be an artist for Disney then I discovered that there were Imagineers and that’s all I wanted to do, then my life took a turn and I became a nurse, but that one summer in Disney in 2000 was definitely the highlight of my life and by the way, EPCOT is my favorite!!

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