The Steakhouse 55 Saga

Last November I took a trip to Orange County to have Thanksgiving with the in-laws and (more importantly) spend three days at Disneyland Resort. Hawaiian Airlines has two flights into LA. One arrives at 4:45pm and the other 10:25pm. Since my intent is to start my Disneyland visit as soon as possible I opted for the early flight knowing full well I would be hitting rush hour traffic. On my previous trip I took the Grey Line airport shuttle to Disneyland which actually ended up enjoyable. It’s a big bus with comfy seats and it goes straight from the terminal to your hotel.

Upon arrival to my dismay I discover that it is raining! That’s right, raining.

“Never mind” I thought “I have my bus reservation. It will be fine.” Yea, right! It was total gridlock. Nothing’s moving at all. After sitting for an hour on a cold bus bench I decided to find a shuttle van instead. I hailed the first shuttle which turned out to be a Disneyland Resort Express. Lucky me! Getting on I discover that I’m the only one in the van so I ask the driver “If you don’t pick-up anyone else will you have to go around again?” “No, as soon as I get to the last terminal I drive to your Hotel” he said. Well it’s now 6:00pm and nothing is moving. The guy asks on the radio what’s wrong. His dispatcher says that Sepulveda Boulevard is completely flooded so the only way in or out of the airport is on Century. This is not looking good.

One hour later we finally make it to the last terminal and my driver says “My boss told me I have to go around and pick-up more fares.” I tell him “You’ve got to be kidding! I’m getting out NOW, give me my bag!” So now I’m standing in the middle of five lanes going nowhere… so I ask myself “What are you going to do now Mark?” Rent a car of course! I look around and right behind me was an Avis Rent-A-Car shuttle which I quickly got in. The traffic started to move and I was finally off. I finish renting my car at 7:15pm and I’m on my way the Anaheim Hilton. Amazingly there was no traffic and I get to the resort in just 30 minutes.

“Boy am I hungry and for what I just went through, I deserve a Steak!” I have heard about Steakhouse 55 so I valet park (it’s still raining) at the Disneyland Hotel and head right to the reservation desk. “Table for one?” The young lady studies her book… “30 minutes is the soonest we can seat you but you can wait in the lounge and we will call you if you like.” After taking two and a half hours to arrive at my destination I decide, “That’s fine.” Taking her advice I found a seat at the bar.

It’s called the “Lounge at Steakhouse 55.” It’s small, fairly quiet, and not crowded. There are only 8 seats at the semi-circular bar but the lounge part has a dozen or so couches and padded chairs. The bar was well stocked and featured a wine list that is shared with the restaurant so a glass of wine will cost $12.00 and up. It’s a nice lounge but kinda boring since it is open to the main lobby and lacks intimacy. After 15 minutes a young lady comes over… “Your table is ready Mister Hickson.” Oh boy, let’s eat!

Wow, this place is really cool. I love all the photos of Walt and the family on the walls. I think what I like most is it doesn’t look like an old steakhouse with the leather booths and some waiter making a Caesar salad in a wooden bowl… This place is definitely classy.

I really appreciated not being seated by the kitchen or the bus-boy station (you notice those things when dining by yourself). They put me discreetly in the middle so I didn’t feel like an outcast but private enough not to garner unwanted attention.

OK, menu time! Everything looks great but I’m here for a killer steak. So what will I have? I think I’ll keep it simple, Chilled Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce, “Wedge” Iceberg Lettuce with Vine Ripened Tomato and Gorgonzola Dressing. And for my main course, the House’s signature Bone-in Ribeye with their Steakhouse 55 rub!

So first I get this wonderful loaf of bread. Not a little sampler basket but a whole loaf of fresh baked bread. With butter is was flat out comforting! I get my shrimp cocktail and it was so good I forgot to take a picture of it! It had four giant shrimps on a tall chilled cocktail glass. The sauce was divine with just the right touch of lemon and horseradish.

Now for my salad. As you can tell I couldn’t wait to dig-in. Cold, fresh, and full of flavor. After a very, very long day I really appreciated this. I think I could eat one of these every day.

Now for the steak. It was a PERFECT medium well… that is Pink but no blood. Just look at it! Slow down Mark and take a picture before it’s all gone!

Now that is perfection. I must honestly say that this was the best restaurant steak I have ever had… Period!

Dessert? Naw, I got to get checked in to my hotel and get ready for a full day in the parks. Anyway after a day like today, how could I top what I just had?

P.S. the check plus wine and tip was around $100.00 and worth every penny.


8 thoughts on “The Steakhouse 55 Saga

  1. I’ve been several times, next time try the onion soup – to die for, and add the 55 butter to your steak.

  2. Mark: I loved seeing your “character” and personality come out in this article. What I particularly found amusing was all the pictures, or lack there of, of food with parts of it already eaten. Everyone takes pictures of the food before dining, but no one thinks to take them after everything has already been sampled. I could feel your excitement and hunger coming through the screen!

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