News: Disney Premier Passport Price Increase

With no fanfare the price of the ultimate multi-park Disney Premier Passport went up $49 to $749! Of course it gets you into all Disneyland Resort and WDW parks and attractions 365 day a year. If your doing some price comparisons the Premium Passport at Disneyland Resort now costs $499 and at WDW it is $691 (all inclusive). I have excluded the resident specials and partial passes (which have too many variables) so when you look just at the WDW price, the Premier isn’t that much more. So you may ask, “Mark, where do I break even?”

  • One day park-hopper tickets at D/L cost $105 = 7.13 days break even
  • Three day park-hopper tickets at D/L cost $214 = 3.5 three day trips (10.5 days total)
  • One day WDW park-hopper tickets with water park add-on (just like the Premier) cost $175 = 4.28 days
  • Three day WDW park-hopper tickets with water park add-on (just like the Premier) cost $342 = 2.2 three day trips (6.6 days total).

Even if your a local and go to the parks just one day at a time but still want all the perks it doesn’t take very long to break even. If your from out of town and stay three days at a time after 3 plus trips you break even. So what this shows is if you plan to do any serious bi-coastal park visits and plan on more than 3 – three day visits this pass is becomes a good deal. If you plan like me on three Disneyland (8 to 9 days) and two WDW visits ( about 8 to 10 days) for a total of 18 to 20 days this year my cost with extra perks is $37.45 a day. Looks like I’m buying one.

P.S. Disney Premier Passports are available for purchase only at the following spots: Disneyland Resort ticket booths, Guest Relations Walt Disney World, and Downtown Disney at WDW. You cannot get them online!

One thing they forgot to mention is if the pass will work on February 29th. You know, that extra Disney day!

10 thoughts on “News: Disney Premier Passport Price Increase

  1. Have you been able to add the Premier passport on the WDW site to your account? I was able to for the DL resort page, but WDW seems to be so confusing instead of “enter your barcode”.

      1. We purchased our Premier Passes at WDW/Animal Kingdom in the fall of 2011, planning on taking the Disney Alaska Cruise and a side trip to Anaheim for our first visit to DL. We tried to enter our WDW code on the DL web site, but it would not work. I used the email/contact us form on the DL site and explained the problem. They were able to fix it (couple of months)so we could access the pass member pages for DL. They explained that the two parks issued different types tickets so they could not (initially) handle the different ticket types (bar code vs. WDW code). Our biggest problem: DL cast members bugging us to get our picture on the pass. Seems they have pictures on the DL passes and WDW doesn’t. I didn’t do that since WDW is our “home” park and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of getting my pass corrected when we got back to WDW.

        1. I bought my Premier Pass at WDW last April and did not have a photo. I registered it on the WDW website and will be using it at D/L very soon. I hope there are no issues anymore!

  2. Do they let you do the monthly payment plan to buy it? (the same way they do with the other annual passes), or do you have to shell out the whole amount at one time?

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