EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival

Yours truly at the Mixology seminar in the old Wonders of Life pavilion. For $12.00 I got to watch an in depth demonstration and sample some liquors that I had never heard of before.

Our mixologist Eric Hay, made three cocktails featuring “Xante” Pear liquor. It is described as “A balanced blend of sweet Belgium pears and cognac from specially selected French distilleries” Wow this should be fun! First we all had a sample of  Xante straight-up. It was wonderful! I could just imagine myself sitting in front of the fireplace on a chilly autumn day with a snifter of this stuff. But I live in Hawai’i so I need something a bit more tropical. How bout a Mojito? Below is the recipe for his “Pear X Mango Mojito.” I must say that it was the best Mojito ever. Eric put on a pretty good show and explained some fundamentals plus secret tips in preparing a perfect cocktail.

Then he prepared “Walk the Plank” which I described in my tasting notes as “Killer!!” Now this was tropical in a refined way. Full of flavor, not sweet, and not bitter even though he added bitters. His last drink called “Walk the Plank” was very different from all the others. It actually had a smoky New England taste. Again, very different.

And now for some Mexican Mixology! After the event I found myself in the Mexico Pavilion. I love the food there and the Tequila bar “La Cava del Tequila” is the best. Above are some new friends of mine who had finished their day at the festival and asked me to join them to cool down from the very hot day. Before I knew it our table was overrun with “Sample” planks of the finest Tequila in all of Mexico (or at least WDW). As you can tell a good time was had by all!

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