• Disney’s Polynesian Resort Welcome Booklet

    To celebrate the pending opening of Disney’s Aulani Resort at Ko’olina I wanted to re-visit Disney’s first Hawaiian destination, the Polynesian Resort. Originally called Disney’s Polynesian Village it holds the distinction of being one of the first two hotels at WDW. Did you know that John Lennon signed the paperwork that officially broke up the Beatles at […]

  • Exclusive: Mark Twain Circuit Map

    DbM Exclusive: This is a section from a larger original blueprint set for the construction of the Mark Twain Steamboat. Here we find the river boat ride guide rail’s position throughout the entire Rivers of America course. You can see the stationing, the distance between the railing piles, and the locations for the expansion joints.  This sheet would have […]

  • Cirque Du Soleil to end at Tokyo Disney Resort

    Oriental Land Co. said on Monday it will cease staging the Canadian performing art troupe Cirque Du Soleil’s entertainment show at Tokyo Disney Resort at the end of this year due to falling attendance following the March earthquake and tsunami. The Quebec-based company’s show, called ZED, has been staged more than 1,000 times at a […]

  • Trivia

    I thought some trivia was in order today. Just imagine your at Disneyland in 1993. You have to answer all eight questions correctly to be crowned. Are you ready? GO! 1. What Vice President helped Walt Disney open the Matterhorn Bobsleds? a. Dan Quayle – b. Spiro Agnew – c. Ron Dominguez – d. Richard Nixon – e. […]

  • Incredible Aerial of Disneyland 1962

    Its a smoggy summer day on the OC but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this photo is fantastic! I could look at it for hours. Smack in the middle is Rainbow Caverns show building. You can see all the falls on Cascade peak. Guests are riding the Mule Train. You can see […]

  • Casey Jr.

    This is one of my favorite photos of Casey Jr.   He is looking at you and wearing a big smile.  Now that’s one happy locomotive! Did you know that there are two trains? One is number 7 and our friend above is number 9. The Dragon’s mouth on the Calliope behind Casey looks rather silly with […]

  • Now Playing

    See Goofy’s new educational short “How to get a girl.” Playing now in a theater near you! Tweet

  • Submarine Voyage Map

    Here is the Submarine ride circuit map from the 1966 SOP Manual. Simple and straight to the point! Some fun facts:   Attraction Length of guide rail = 1,365 feet THRC (theoretical hourly capacity of the attraction) = 1,410 guests Amount of water in lagoon and caverns = 9,000,000 gallons Cost of building = $2.5 Million […]

  • TDL Splash Mountain Promo

    OMG It’s Splash Mountain and it’s going to be a scream! Leave it to our Japanese partners to render the highest and longest drop of any Splash Mountain. This special edition was issued to the public in September 1992 in preparation for the grand opening October 1st. It also has a giant double fold out picture that […]

  • Disney Stories
    Disney Quotes

    Once when Walt was asked why he went to such great lengths to get the most creative people and why he paid them so well. He responded “Because I have never figured out how to get the job done with lawyers and accountants.” Tweet

  • Disneyland Aerial View 1987

    This is a great aerial view of Disneyland from 1987. Click on it to make it bigger. In this photo you can clearly see Splash Mountain’s construction site. You can also see the new Big Thunder Ranch area between Big Thunder and the Disneyland Railroad. There is an enormous queue line at Star Tours. The Red and Blue […]