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    TDS Wallpapers

    This is frickin cool!! Alain Littaye, the man behind “Disney and more” has launched a great iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app called “TDS Wallpapers HD”. It contains 117 HD photos, half of which were taken a week before the park opened and the others several years later. The image quality is outstanding and the user […]

  • Rare Photo of Indian Village

    Here is the only Wigwam that was in the Indian Village (circa 1957) and it was only there for a few years. What is rare and unusual about this photo is that it shows the windows and the top vent open! It is hard enough to find a photo of this structure but this is the ONLY picture I have ever […]

  • 1967 Guidebook Map

    So here it is, the 1st Disneyland map issued after Walt’s death. This is the last version of the park that he personaly knew. What I find striking is the simplicity of the color scheme. Parchment paper orange with green trees, blue water, and a purple castle. It is called “Fun Map of Disneyland” but doesn’t convey it. […]

  • Haunted Mansion Construction

    I love old construction photos! Here we have the Disneyland Railroad bridge going from one tunnel section to another. Between them the Haunted Mansions foundation is being constructed out of rebar and concrete. On the right is the new berm that was relocated along with the track to the southwest, enlarging old Frontierland. As you look down the tracks […]

  • TSI:

    Disneyland’s crack crime fighting team in this weeks mystery, “Injun Joe, Back from the Dead?” Tweet

  • Cute Kid!

    These pictures show what a treasure King Arthur’s Carrousel is. There is nothing more touching than your kids (or grand-kids) first ride. Or second! Now that’s what the Magic Kingdom is all about! Tweet

  • I Stole Her From A Train

    When I was on the Tokyo Disneyland team I flew regularly from L.A. to Tokyo for face to face meetings with our Japanese partners, Oriental Land Company. Since I would only come for a week or two I would stay at a downtown hotel and commute via train. Tokyo has great rail service and many signs were […]

  • America Sings

    Here is a Matterhorn view of the America Sings building on a rainy day. It’s the winter of 1989  as you can see the 35th Disneyland anniversary logo on top of the retracted Tomorrowland Terrace stage. What a peaceful scene! But wait, where are the Rocket Jets? Look at the People Mover load-unload. The Rocket Jets are […]

  • View from the Pavilion Cafeteria

    I talked about the Pavilion Cafeteria in an earlier post (here) describing my fond memory sitting by the rail at night watching the boats return from the jungle. Well I found this rare photo of the exact place I would sit with my Dad. One of those two young boys could as well have been me! P.S. Happy […]